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Strengthen Brand Integrity, Keep Customers, and Turn Contacts into Connections That Convert

Open up your business to the value of a contact list with email marketing campaign services that build a relationship, drive sales, and increase lifetime brand awareness among your customers.

Get your free email marketing services review today to find out how Art Be You can increase sales through new and returning customers.

Art Be You Email Marketing Agency

Email Marketing Is an Effective Digital Marketing Weapon That Maximizes Sales, Spreads the Brand Story, and Proves Reliable

Email marketing is powerful, even today. It is practical and has high conversion rates compared to all online marketing tools.

Every small or big business has customers and their contact details that can be used to become a list of repeat customers. The email list is an asset. Use it carefully and nurture it to get results.

On the other hand, if you don’t use it at all, you fail to bring in potential sales.



  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You send occasional email marketing campaigns and give up too soon due to the low opening conversion rate,
  • Or you know what to do and get results, but you lack time to keep up with effective campaigns.

Art Be You can help you engage with your email list. We understand that it takes time and energy and that you can’t simply force customers with instructions to “click to buy” or “click to read.” It takes planning and creativity.

Well-written and well-designed emails are like paintings you can gaze at for hours. Clear subject lines that ensure your email will be opened are key. Frequency and sequence bring funnels that result in all types of conversions.

Establish relationships that matter for you and your customers through email marketing. Art Be You can help you build a bridge between you and your customer.

Create actions and interest with our email marketing services that convert into stories about your brand and business, resulting in paying customers.


Imagine Results and Make Them Happen with Art Be You’s Email Marketing Services

As an agency, we offer complete front-to-end email marketing services and optimize every step of your email campaigns.

What are a few of the things we do?

  • Write emails and schedule marketing campaigns
  • Optimize every step of your email
  • Perfect your drafts
  • Create content calendars
  • Monitor email marketing campaigns
  • Maximize impact

However, if you don’t do much with your email list, you’re not going to get results. Don’t miss out! Contact us today!


We Provide Metrics and Analytics

We will let you know how your email campaigns went by providing you with the data you need so that we both know where to improve, since there is always room for improvement.

Art Be You dominates the market by achieving the best results for our customers. We want to make sure that we succeed. Otherwise, you’ll be looking for a new agency.

Let’s make your email list a weapon that brings sales! Contact us today for more information.

We can design a website to meet industry requirements, and we know that websites need to convert visitors into customers and returning clients so that your company can grow and expand.

How We Do Email Marketing Services at Art Be You

  1. How We Do Email Marketing Services at Art Be You

    You are interested in measurable results. We create, design, proofread, optimize, manage, and monitor every email marketing campaign.


    We will contact you to check your needs and expectations as well as your brand story, objectives, and email design. We will then create an email marketing strategy and content calendar. Building a relationship with your audience is not an easy task, but maintaining it is even more challenging.


    1) Bespoke Email Marketing Calendar Strategy

    We will discuss the frequency of messages and the content calendar for your email marketing strategy with realistic goals and expectations.

    We will go over different segmentations of your contact list or create one if you need it.

    With your help, we will review previous or scheduled email marketing campaigns. We will definitely get to know each other!


    2) Email Design, Format, and Automation

    We will write and design emails and email automation scheduled with a calendar to allow you to create other content around these communiques.

    Art Be You offers formatting, images, graphic design elements, and a call to components.


    3) Detail Matters in Email Marketing

    Once we communicate all your needs, Art Be You will write subject lines and body emails that meet your goals. Each sent email will take your company closer to its goals.


    4) Monitoring Campaign Analytics

    Art Be You will monitor the metrics of your email marketing campaigns to observe the effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for upcoming email campaigns. We will look into open rates, conversion rates, performance, and unsubscribes.

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Are You Considering Email Marketing Services?

Imagine that it is five in the morning. You woke up to your alarm, took a cold shower while your coffee brewed in the kitchen. You grab your cup, add coffee, and sit down with your phone or computer to check your emails.


It’s crazy that your phone can now read your emails, and that is becoming the new future of  email marketing.


Email is alive. Through emails, you communicate, make transactions, and share information that matters to you and your brand. We know that email brings sales, and you shouldn’t dismiss this tool so quickly. It is more persuasive than social media or paid ad campaigns.


Schedule your call with Art Be You to find out how to create an email plan that gives your clients and customers a reason to come to you again and again as you grow your business through dynamic, relationship-based marketing.

No one expected that the coronavirus pandemic would shake our lives and the way we do business as much as it has, and that is why we don’t take anything for granted. We show up and do our best.


We think about marketing as if it were art. When we design a website, it becomes a piece of art that brings in more clients, improves conversion rates, and heightens your visibility.

Request Information and Let Us Begin Working on You Projects

We will help you customize a design you like, and we will work on SEO, SMM, and content creation that all tie together by creating a brand that people want to follow. We want to grow your business together.