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Does your website not meet your needs, or is it outdated?


At Art Be You, our goal is to create a website that will attract traffic, increase conversions, and look remarkable.

The internet is a crowded space, and the competition increases every day. If you are not at the top of your game, your online marketing and website will become average and slowly be overtaken by better-performing sites and businesses.

We can design a website to meet industry requirements, and we know that websites need to convert visitors into customers and returning clients so that your company can grow and expand.


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We are based in Texas, but we build websites all across the United States and Europe. We are passionate about creating websites for individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. We will meet your budget and create an efficient, fast, and clean site.

If you are interested in making sure that your website brings conversion, we also offer search engine optimization, photo and video production, blog content creation, and social media services. These services increase your chances of visibility. You want to send as many signals to the internet as possible, ensuring a good ranking in search engines, improving your outcomes amongst the competition, and linking your company to visitors.

We understand that there is a lot of information to process when designing a website, especially if you have never worked in the field or have other things to focus on in your business. That’s why you shouldn’t wait to schedule a free consultation with us.

Here Is How Art Be You Designs Websites That Market Your Business

  1. Is website design art? What elements do we consider when thinking about website design?

A Website Is Like Artwork.

A website’s initial impression is fundamental, as nowadays it is the first impression of your company, culture, and vision for online visitors. That is why the web design should be world-class. We like to approach web design as if it were artwork. Before artists approach a canvas with ideas and a final vision of the painting, they prepare tools, paints, mediums, brushes, and prepare space in which to dry the canvas. Those little preparations are essential for the flow of the work. As observers, we don’t think about these elements or even consider them as part of the process.

When you hire a web designer or developer, you don’t think about the tools, programs, or platforms used by their agency, as we tend to think of the process as a leadup to the completed product; the desired website.

We can suggest layouts, themes, plugins, tools, analytics, and so on both before and during the design of your website. These could be changes that you might not be able to do yourself or ones you could, but not with the speed and quality you desire.

Artists work with ideas, and so do web designers.


  1. How do we design and build a website that converts into sales and returning clients?

As the owner of your company, you are focused on progression and revenue. Without the second one, you cannot expand. That is why having a website that is organized in a way that encourages people to fill out forms, return to the site, remember your company, and ultimately purchase products from you is so important. If you want to build a website that converts into sales, you need to create goals and clear targets for each page, headline, snippet, and image you put on the site. Art Be You can help make sure that your site creates easy steps and provides actions for your visitors to take.


  1. How do we communicate to your visitors via storytelling and narrative to benefit your product or service on the website?

A concise and straightforward message is vital for grasping the attention of the visitors on your website. Copywriting is beneficial for the website only if it is optimized correctly. It is vital to hit the target and use keywords that will rank. We have seen poorly written articles that ranked higher than copywritten text. We find that balance and simplicity are effective. Also, patience is key. Both search engine optimization and delivering content that unites the storytelling with the company take time. Changes and corrections will also need to be applied over time. Remember, Google changes the rules of the game from time to time.


  1. Why is there so much emphasis on search engine optimization?

You don’t go to Facebook or Instagram to find a roofer or dentist.

You search for them on Google. That is why companies who know the value that SEO can bring to your business spend time, energy, and money to increase their ranking and visibility in search engines. That is why there is so much emphasis, as this is important if you prefer to build long-term visibility over short-term results through advertising that might not bring you any customers.


  1. Is designing a website the same thing as optimizing for search engines (SEO)?

The simple answer is no. You can have a beautifully designed website that may still not be SEO optimized. Art Be You’s optimized pages that are part of the design of the website. However, improving the ranking of selected keywords and pages is an ongoing game that doesn’t end with finishing the website’s design. Google constantly changes the rules for what ranks highly and introduces new tools that change the spectrum of search engines. It is vital that your website keeps up with these changes and optimizes existing articles, blog posts, and pages to accommodate the new updates. When your website design is complete, consider our other monthly services that will help you to stay on the radar and rank highly among your competition.

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  1. Why are mobile-friendly websites and content considered the future of the internet?

The mobile-friendly website is the future of the internet for a few reasons. You can do more on your phone than ever before, including banking, shopping, and watching your favorite show. You don’t even have to type; you can just tell your phone what you need and you will get it within seconds.

Mobile-friendly designs rank better on Google and are great for bringing visibility through ad campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Often, when you meet prospective clients for your business, no matter the setting, your website becomes a sort of business card that is viewed on a phone.


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