Creating  Marketing Goals Before a Big Splash for Best Impact

Sometimes Marketing Goals Are  Time-Sensitive.

For example...

You need to get everyone’s attention before...

product launch

special event

new website launch

location change

economic advantage announcement

...and so on.

In these situations, you want to use tactics and channels that are effective in real time and quickly.

Therefore, you need the right agency in place.

Using attention-getting methods, like bringing in an influencer or involving another high-profile brand, can help you produce a spike in awareness.

You are ultimately bringing more clients to or building a story around your brand.

This approach works but is not sustainable over a longer period.

People quickly get bored, and you, as a company, will burn out your resources rapidly due to high-intensity activities.

Also, people get sick of viewing the same things every day, which is a great way to cause negative backlash.

Those big spikes are essential, but they need to be introduced and prolonged through careful planning.

That is why daily content and management of your accounts will bring the awareness you desire.