Working with a  Digital Marketing Agency

There comes a moment in your career, whether you are an individual or entrepreneur running a business, small or big – when you realize that you can’t do online or offline marketing yourself or just with a few employees in-house.

When the ideas and needs for your company or career are greater than your internal knowledge and/or the resources you manage, you know that you have to bring in an army of people to support you and the company you run.

Before you can begin thinking about outsourcing your online marketing, it helps if you clearly understand and outline your goals, expectations, budget, and other things you want to accomplish or stick to.

Some results will appear overnight, and others take years or months to come to fruition.

who you plan to reach


Answering the following questions will help:

who is your audience or your niche


what type of message you share


what your existing marketing strategy is


Answering the following questions will help:

what your monthly budget is for ads, SEO, and other online promotions or forms of organic reach


how many in-house employees currently work on your marketing, and how well they perform


what training your employees need


what you can outsource


Having a precise understanding of your desired results will help you establish clear and actionable intentions that your marketing agency can then implement, making the success of your plans inevitable.

Here at Art Be You, we want to be certain that all actions and projects support your (and our) business.  If they don’t, then both parties are consuming time, money, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.