So, You’re Considering Working with a Digital Marketing Agency, but Don’t Know Where to Start?

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In this article, you will find out:

  • what it’s like working with a digital marketing agency,
  • what the process of hiring a digital marketing agency is like,
  • how to decide on the kind of agency you want to work with and why you should consider hiring Art Be You, and
  • the benefits of doing one extensive marketing campaign versus multiple small actions.

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

There comes a moment in your career, whether you are an individual or entrepreneur running a business, small or big – when you realize that you can’t do online or offline marketing yourself or just with a few employees in-house.

When the ideas and needs for your company or career are greater than your internal knowledge and/or the resources you manage, you know that you have to bring in an army of people to support you and the company you run.

It will happen, especially when working on something specific and complex, like digital marketing. The guidance of experts is necessary.

In this article, Art Be You will walk you and your business through the process of finding and choosing the right digital marketing agency.

You Can’t Do It Yourself Anymore: You Want to Pick a Digital Marketing Agency

It is not a secret that the digital space and technology change at an almost monthly rate. Therefore, it becomes challenging to evaluate and hire a marketing agency that will fit the current market’s needs and keep your company relevant. There are plenty to choose from, and every firm takes action to find and retain customers. However, not all agencies adjust to changes in the world and rather hope that old methods will work repeatedly.

Before you can begin thinking about outsourcing your online marketing, it helps if you clearly understand and outline your goals, expectations, budget, and other things you want to accomplish or stick to. Some results will appear overnight, and others take years or months to come to fruition.

Answering the following questions will help:

  • who you plan to reach,
  • who is your audience or your niche,
  • what type of message you share,
  • what your existing marketing strategy is,
  • what your monthly budget is for ads, SEO, and other online promotions or forms of organic reach,
  • how many in-house employees currently work on your marketing, and how well they perform,
  • what training your employees need, and,
  • what you can outsource.

Having a precise understanding of your desired results will help you establish clear and actionable intentions that your marketing agency can then implement, making the success of your plans inevitable.

Here at Art Be You, we want to be certain that all actions and projects support your (and our) business. If they don’t, then both parties are consuming time, money, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Will You Work With Me Towards Success?

The relationship between marketing agencies and the company hiring them is like a marriage. It is fun, but hard work is necessary for a good yield. However, keeping this relationship strong is not an easy task because both the present and future times can be challenging.

Selecting the agency that will come up with a strategy for your company is just the first step toward opening this new chapter. Someone has to maintain communication and implement the administrative duties that the agency proposes, which could include recognizing and selecting the proper steps that will support the leads, sales, and reputation in marketing. Even dealing with things as small as typos is essential for both the company and agency.

Setting this foundation up with a marketing agency before beginning work is crucial to ensure a smooth transition from proposing projects to executing them.

As a business owner, you don’t often have time to think about your marketing strategy, as managing clients and other business tasks take your time and often become your priority. That is why hiring an agency that has that special expertise is crucial, if you wish to better manage your time.

We encourage you schedule a free consultation with us – Art Be You – to determine how we can scale your marketing efforts and deliver the results you seek.

Keep in mind that results don’t appear overnight. Sometimes they do, but oftentimes they take months to become visible.

If you can develop diverse and creative angle from which you can deliver your brand’s messaging (a monthly article, a case study about your product or client, social media implementation, video content, and so on) whilst managing the relevance of your products, you don’t need to worry about finding an agency. Remember that even if the small things matter, they can distract you from the big picture.

This is exactly why outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, especially one with a strong network and paramount expertise in your niche, is worthwhile.

A capable marketing agency will have a large spectrum of previously tested ideas coupled with expertise that helps recognize and categorize the best solutions for your project.

They’ll have processes in place for reporting metrics, finding avenues, and realizing goals, as well as for applying the suitable methodologies that bring results, leads, sales and clients.

At Art Be You, we offer case studies that help companies like yours understand the process, possible results, and potential for growth that you seek in the online space.

An agency that works on behalf of various brands has the potential to contact influencers, which will build trustworthiness and connection over time.

In pragmatic terms, this means the agency has already established itself and earned the admiration of the market.

Should I Do Self Service or Full Service?

Strategies offered by marketing agency services range from fully assisted to self-serviced, but also could be highly personalized custom solutions.

Most marketing agencies have programs in place and/or unique individual approaches. Each method has an advantage, and it’s wise to let your goals, rather than a philosophical inclination, direct your decisions.

Think of this as an option between all-in-one printing on-demand from a huge cookie cutter company or an individual approach from a smaller, more intimate company that does meaningful, well-designed limited edition printing that targets all the customers you need.

They both can be great, but the other choice won’t service your needs when applicable.

Can’t I Do Digital Marketing Myself?

Sure you can! Rockefeller said once upon a time that people who work for money all day have no time to make money. The success of a city comes from the work of many.

This approach is fine if you can reach your goals with the same timeline you would have when hiring a digital marketing agency.

I’d Rather Let Them Do the Heavy Lifting!

At the other edge of the spectrum is the full-service option provided by an online marketing agency with proven strategies, abilities, and people available to do the work you don’t have time for while running other important aspects of your business.

Hiring an agency like Art Be You gives you great flexibility with your marketing, knowing that you are not the only one expected to develop strategies that might or might not work.

Sometimes companies do not act because they don’t know how much these services cost. Still, you can always schedule a free consultation with us to get an overview of our digital marketing agency and pricing to see if it will satisfy your budget or needs.

You can schedule a consultation with Art Be You today!

Determining Which Type of Agency Is Right for You

Realistically, your business probably needs a little bit of in-house marketing plus the support of an outside marketing agency. However, Art Be You has also been working with clients who never thought about marketing or hiring somebody in-house at all.

Few agencies are able to provide all the services you need. Therefore, you should look into one that offers an individualized approach for your marketing strategies rather than an all-in-one program that might be meaningless and useless in the long term. For example, a typical agency doesn’t change the services they created ten years ago as long as they still bring in revenue, and therefore, they stop innovating.

A digital marketing agency can be a dominant ongoing engine to engage with your clients, support market analysis and customer assistance, and contribute to the overall growth of branding endeavors.

Matching your present and future company goals helps you decide which kind of agency to choose.

Making Plans Before a Big Splash for Best Impact

Sometimes marketing goals are time-sensitive. For example, you need to get everyone’s attention before a product launch, fundraising, special event, new website launch, location change, economic advantage announcement, and so on.

In these situations, you want to use tactics and channels that are effective in real time and quickly. Therefore, you need the right agency in place. Using attention-getting methods, like bringing in an influencer or involving another high-profile brand, can help you produce a spike in awareness. You are ultimately bringing more clients to or building a story around your brand.

This approach works but is not sustainable over a longer period.

People quickly get bored, and you, as a company, will burn out your resources rapidly due to high-intensity activities. Every marketer wants to have those big realization spikes daily, but that’s not achievable. Also, people get sick of viewing the same things every day, which is a great way to cause negative backlash.

Those big spikes are essential, but they need to be introduced and prolonged through careful planning. That is why daily content and management of your accounts will bring the awareness you desire.

Advance a Long-Term Relationship with a Digital Marketing Agency

Art Be You is working with clients on one-time projects and long-term relationships. Taking the approach of having multiple triggers over time, with natural but clear goals, allows you to grow and expand uniquely to fit your niche business needs. However, to implement that, a long-term relationship is required.

Long-term services may have a similar overall budget to short-term services, but they may also be more cost-effective if you’re budget-sensitive, as they occur over an outspread period.

Don’t make your business wait for the perfect moment and schedule your free consultation today. Get started on expanding the growth, leads, and brand awareness you need. But, more importantly – consistency will be a message your brand conveys.

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